Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Why I write this blog

People ask me - why you write this blog? Acutally I also not very sure. I not good at writing English, also not good at taking photo compare to all the other nice food blogs for Malaysia food (you can see I have put some links to them on this blog).

But one thing about me, I like to eat. So I eat lah. And I write about what I like to eat. What I don't like to eat, I don't like to write - no point! Because if I don't like, I don't feel passion. When I don't feel passion, I think what I write is not interesting. I don't understand some floggers - why they want to write about things that they eat but don't like? Life is too short to waste about the things we don't like. Better concentrate on what you like, so that we can share with other people all those things which makes me happy.
My dear readers, you can see that I like very much the thing that I am pointing in the photo - bacon.


Rose said...

I like your idea about writing about what you like to eat but I disagree with you about not having passion to write about things you dislike or hate.
I am a very fussy eater and a few weeks ago I decided writing about places I eat...my best (and funniest) blogs are about the places I like the least!
Happy flogging :)

Lovely Malaysia Food said...

Dear Rose

Thank you for your kind comment. I will remember your advice. Becaues this blog is still new, I am very grateful for the idea that other flogger give me.