Wednesday, 8 August 2007


Today I try a new restaurant. D*lish is a new restaurant and it is at Bangsar Village (old building) and MidValley Megamall. Actually D*lish is open by the same people who open Delicious (also a restaurant at Bangsar Village 2, and it use to be the place where D*lish is now) and Ms Read (the clothes store for those fat people).

D*lish is suppose to be the cheap version of Delicious. You have to self service and choose your food from the counter. They have sandwich, salad, soup, cakes, and some rice and noodle dishes. But actually I don't think it is cheap. Why? Because the amount of food is less compare to Delicious, so of course should be cheaper. Also they don't wash some of the plates and cultery because for some dishes they only give you plastic container and plastic fork and knife.

I ate the potatoe salad and I also have a cafe latte. All together about RM18. I was actually thinking not very worth it at first. Some more at first, I was thinking they don't give me a proper fork and knife (see the picture), but they give me a nice plate. But actually it was a very good deal because the fork and knife was very high quality!
I can cut my potatoe salad and salad leaves very easily and smoothly. So, I ta-pau the fork and knife home, so that I can use them again at home. They give you a nice high quality serviette also, so you can use that to clean and wrap the fork and knife.

How the food taste? OKlah, I think it is OK only. The potatoe was a bit overboil, but the coffee is very good. The staffs are also very nice and friendly. But I think the best thing about the place is the very high quality plastic fork and knife. I recommend you go there and try it for yourself. If you also ta-pau the fork and knife, remember that I recommend it to you!

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