Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Malaysia foods - Very good leh!

One thing about we Malaysian people is that we always like to share. We share our good luck, our good food with our good friends. And because we very welcome people to our beautiful country, we quickly be good friends with them, and always invite them to makan wiht us.

The first time foreigners eat with us Malaysian people, they are always very shock at 2 things. First thing is how many different types of foods we order, and second thing is how much the bill is. They usually cannot believe their eyes and ear. I have so many times hear them say "Holy shit! It cost less than 10 bucks!". Sometime they say "10 quid" or "10 euro" or "10 Aussie" or "Holy cow" and so forth. But it is because they are really shock.

So to all readers who never visit Malaysia yet, I want to tell you that this country is a foods paradise. I have already said before that you get all type of food, and you can get food for cheap. But let me show you how nice it is to eat Malaysia style.

Last night I go for dinner with 3 friends. They also like to eat foods. Actually they are very kind to say nice comments about this flog. Thank you, friends.

First the types of foods we order. Because it is only friends, and we don't have any guest with us, we order only normal. So we get 6 types of foods - steam fish with ginger, steam egg, steam pork (you can see that Malaysia foods cater for the healthy eaters like 4 of us), sizzling tofu and 2 type of veggie - brinjal with mince pork and bitter gourd with pork rib. You can see from the pictures the different types of foods we order.

The steam fish is fresh water fish called grass carp. The flesh is very smooth. The steam egg is actually 3 type of egg mix together - chicken egg, salted duck egg, and century egg. The steam pork is with ginger and salted fish. Very steam leh!

We eat the food with rice, and also, the restaurant give us chilli padi (small chilies) in case we like spicy. So you can add some soya sauce to the chilli also if you like salty and spicy. For example, if you add to the brinjal with mince pork, you get a new taste - spicy brinjal with mince pork.

The food is freshly cook and serve hot. It taste very delicious. We all love it. We eat till we are full, unfortunately we didn't finish all the foods. There was a bit of brinjal leftover on the dish, but actually I think for 4 of us, we are already eating a lot. Tomorrow must go jogging.

So, many of you must be asking now, how much is this feast cost? Well, without drink, the food total cost is RM65 (USD18.60, EUR 13.80, AUD23.20 or GBP9.38). I already can hear people from all over the world saying "holy cow". Very good leh!

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