Sunday, 12 August 2007

Proud to be Malaysian flogger

Today I am so proud to be Malaysian. Also I am happy to be a flogger so I can tell you all about what I witness today.

Do you remember I was recommending to you to visit D*lish (the place with the nice plastic fork and knife)? Today when I go to shopping to Bangsar Village, I was lucky to visit the charity event which D*lish organise. It is called "D*lish Urban Park and all donation will be send to Kids For Kids.

To make donation, everybody must buy a book of coupons, then you can exchange the coupons for interesting items which I see is mainly sponsor by D*lish. Example, you can decorate a cupcake or buy coffee or buy picnic basket with food.

The decorating cupcake was the popular item there. It cost RM5 per cupcake and you can decorate your own and they give you icing and other decorations to make the cupcake of your dreams. But if you lazy or don't know how to decorate you can also buy the ready made one which is on display - refer to the picture on top.

What I am proud of is you can see that Malaysian people are very caring and giving society. We always take time and trouble to help our fellow Malaysian who are not so fortunate compare to us. We should have more restaurant like D*lish who do good things like this, I ask all of you to show your support to D*lish for making this very good move.


boo_licious said...

My friend went for this! She said it was great fun. Looks like it was.

Lovely Malaysia Food said...

Yes it was fun. I try the cupcakes there, and coffee also. All very good.