Monday, 27 August 2007

Thin is good - Not!

Yesterday I watch a movie with my friends. The movie is call "Borat". In the movie, Borat is taking lessons on how to tell jokes. One of the way the teacher explains to him is how to use "Not" to make a joke. So like Borat, I also learn something new!

After watching the movie, I suddenly feel like I want to eat a burger. I think if you read this flog, you will know that I don't like to eat fast foods, especially burger. But once in a while (maybe like once in a year), I don't know why I really feel like I want to eat a burger. So what I do is I go to nearby One Utama, and I buy 3 burgers! One from McDonald's, one from Burger King and one from Carl's Jr. I think maybe if I eat the 3 burgers, maybe I don't feel like eating one for 3 years.

I ta-pau the burgers back to eat with my friend. When I open the burger, I am shock! The burger look so small. I never remember the burger to be so thin. Thin is good - Not! I think I have to take photo to show everyone.
So first, I take a ruler. The ruler is not to measure the burger, but it is to show the flog visitor what is roughly the size. I start with the McDonalds burger.

The McDonalds burger is call "beefburger". You can see that it is very thin and small. And the taste also quite dry. And the burger is burn slightly. But it is also the cheapest - it is RM2.75 with tax. Out of the 3 burger, this one really is not nice at all. The burger is so thin that I can hardly taste the meat part. So, next I eat the Burger King.

The Burger King one I like the best. It is also call "beefburger". It is slightly thicker than McDonalds, but it taste quite juicy. The bun has sesame, but it is nothing I will recommend to flog visitors. The cost is also more - RM3.10. The last one I eat is the Carls Jr - I have read so much about it in other people's flog, that I am excited to try it at last.

The Carls Jr one is the most expensive. It is RM7.95! Maybe because it has a special name - Famous Star, and also has cheese. Also they give you "branded" chilli sauce and tomato sauce (Heinz) imported from Thailand. But actually it is the cheapest burger in the restaurant. All 3 burger I got were the cheapest burger in the restaurant. It is a bit thicker, but the taste quite the same as Burger King. But Carls Jr put tomato, lettuce and raw onion in the burger. The raw onion is quite spicy and pungent because it is the white colour onion, not purple. I'm not sure why the restaurant want to say that they give you a whole lettuce leaf, and not the shredded one. After all the lettuce is nothing special - it is the cheapest iceberg lettuce - I don't see anything special about the taste of a whole leaf compare to shredded leaf. It is still the same lettuce!

Actually after I start eating, I start to regret. Actually the burger is not really nice, and the bun is full of air. When I press the bun, you can see that actually it is a lot of air and little dough. It is so flat that the ruler cannot measure it.

After I eat all the burger, I think of my lovely breakfast of pork noodles and kaya toast, and how much cheaper and how much nicer and and how much nutritious and how much more lovely is Malaysia food!


Anonymous said...

Hai!! Wah - you are very daring to eat so many bugger! I think not good for heaklthy eat so much fast food.

I also try the Carl Jr but novalue for money becos so expensive. The taste also not so special.

I enjoy to read your flog. I like your pictues. Thank you for review so many foods. Sometimes when I'm not convenien to try all the food. I just read your flog.

Lovely Malaysia Food said...


Thank you for your kind comment. IT is very meaningful for me because I am just starting this flog.

I am glad you can agree with me about Carls Jr. So expensive that I shock!

I won't eat buger for 3 years more. So I will back to healthy eating.

babe_kl said...

now i'm torn to visit carl's jr or not :(

Lovely Malaysia Food said...

Hello babe_kl

I think you got to go there and try and share with all of the floggers what you think of the burger. I hoping to read on your flog soon.

AMW said...

When you eat noodles and bread your eating pure starch with turns into sugar in your body. therfore when u eat ur noodles you gain more wheight than eating a burger which actually contains more veggetables. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT

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