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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Sodomee and other gay foods

Malaysia is sometimes a very strange place. We are now in the middle of a political struggle between Anwar Ibrahim and Najib. Najib say Anwar is gay and Anwar say Najib is a killer. So Malaysians has to choose whether which one is better to be the Prime Minister.

Actually I think so Najib is not involve in the murder of the Mongolian model. I think why he will so stupid to involve in killing when he can easily force the Mongolian to leave the country. Some more he is the deputy prime minister, can easily make her leave the country and cannot come back in.

Whether Anwar is gay, I also don't know. He seem to be a religious preson and how can he sodomise anyone who seem to be younger and stronger than his.

All this talk about gay this and gay that, is cause the blogger to say that this is Tahun Meliwat Malaysia. This is just people talking that this year is year to sodomise Malaysia. I think so this is giving the wrong impression because when all talking about sodomy here and there, this is leading to the poor economic.

Actually I think some restaurant also are getting into the spirit of Tahun Meliwat Malaysia. You can see in the photo on top that Malaysia is a multiracial country and is accept outside influence in terms of foods.

I htink after this, the Mamak stall will be selling Ramly bugger and also sodomee (which is a dish from the 1st time Anwar is accuse of gay in 1998). I think this is sure a new trend to have gay foods on the menu.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Why you pay extra for oil on AirAsia

Hello hello. I sorry I never write for so long already. But I was very busy with my works and no mood to write my flog. Thank you to the so many people asking about my flog. I am very touch by your support. In the long time I never write, I still taking photo. So I will share with you some of the photo I was taking all this time.

First I want to show you about my trip. I sit aeroplane go to Bangkok for holiday. And I choose AirAsia because it is cheap. It is not because I like the LCCT - acutaly I hate it because it feel so low class. But I got no choice because the AirAsia is half price of MAS! But now with the MAS cheap fare, I hope I no need to go to LCCT anymore.

So I was quite excited about my trip. I hardly sit aeroplane, so I was all night very excited. The night before I not eating so much because I was excited, so when I am there at the airport, I actually quite hungry. But I didn't waste time eating there because I want to go and queue up to get onto the aeroplane early so that I can get a good seat.

On the plane, AirAsia is actually very clever. They give you food, but you must pay for it. But it is still a good deal, because even if I pay RM8 for a nasi lemak, I still save more money than if I fly MAS where I can get the nasi lemak included in the ticket price. But if I pay RM700 for AirAsia and MAS is RM1400, which mean my nasi lemak is costing RM700! Actually I think that is too expensive.

Somemore the AirAsia say that New Straits Times say that the nasi lemak is one of the best. Of course we don't know if New Straits Times is nasi lemak expert or not. Also don't know what means by "one of the best" - is it one of the best in Malaysia? one of the best in the world? or one of the best in Sepang? or one of the best in Air Asia plane? But still I think Tony Fernandes is a honest person, so if he say it is one of the best, I think so it must be the best one. So I order nasi lemak on the plane. The picture on the menu is looking very nice.
But when I open up the nasi lemak, I am SHOCK! The nasi lemak in the picture and the one in the container are different looking.

First you can see how oily the nasi lemak sambal is - the oil even come up to the side of the plate. And I cannot eat all the nasi lemak because the bottom part is all cover in oil. It look quite scary because I know that oily foods make you fat. And if I want to be fat, I hope it is not because of the AirAsia nasi lemak. I think so also that AirAsia always saying how the oil price go up that's why they charge fuel surcharge. I think so partly AirAsia is responsible for the cooking oil price go up because they use so much in their sambal. I don't know who this Pak Nasser is, but I think so he should be given a lesson in how to cook sambal with less oil.

Second, where is the 2 piece of cucumber and one piece spring onion? I think so these are cheap things, so Air Asia shouldn't be stingy with cucumber and spring onion. Anyway, I eat the nasi lemak because I got no choice. I already pay for it, and of course I don't think they will give me a partial refund because got no cucumber and spring onion. I am a bit unhappy about it, so I hope so next time I can get a cheap MAS ticket and fly MAS instead.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Tag for a meme

Today I am so excited to be posting! That is because I am tag for a meme. This is very kindly done by Sweetrosie. Wah! I don't know about other floggers who Sweetrosie is tagging, but I feel very honour to be tag.

So the rule for this meme is as follows:

1. Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself.

3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.

4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 Random Facts about Me

1. My favourite food is Hainanese Chicken Rice (with steam chicken, not roast chicken). I can eat it everyday and don't feel bored.

2. Even though I have travel oversea a lot both for work and for holiday, my favourite holiday place is Genting Highlands. I know a lots of people think that it is not a sophisticated place, but I like it because got so many activities to do, so many different types of people there, it is one of the cold place in Malaysia I can wear my wool clothes, and there has a lot of varieties of food to eat (from the bottom of the mountain and all the way to the top of the mountain).

3. I read a lot of books, newspaper, blog, flog, magazine, to try and improve my English. That is one of the reason I keep this flog, so that I will write more in English.

4. The place that I never go before which I very much want to visit is Melbourne. I hear so much about the lovely food and wine there, I see it on TV during the Melbourne F1 grandprix, I have friend there - I hope next year when AirAsiaX fly cheaply there, I can also visit Melbourne.

5. My dream car is a Mercedes Benz sports car. I wish to drive a SL one day. It will be gold colour and I will also buy a "8888" number plate for the car.

6. One skill whihc I make priority to acquire is to know how to take good photo. I am always very awe when I see the beautiful photo that people post on their flogs! I also want to be able to take good photo.
7. I always very easy to be influence by advertisement. In these last 2 years, I change my skin care to SKII because the ladies who advertise for it have so lovely and fair complexion. I also buy a Tag Hauer watch because it is advertise by my favourite actor, Brad Pitt.

I wish to tag the following people :

Babe KL

I hope they enjoy doing this meme also. Thank you once more to Sweetrosie.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007


I have not post for a long time because I am very busy at work. At the end of the year, we always have budget issue, so everyone is very busy trying to do that.

I choose the title "Fresh" for today post because I am going to see Kool and the Gang concert next week! Wah ... I hear their songs for so long already, and now I will get to see them live. But I am not sure if they can still sing since it is so long since they have a hit song. But I still remember their song "Fresh", which is one of my favourite. The Kool and the Gang is sharing the concert with James Ingram, so I think so the concert will be very interesting even though both of them are probably very old by now.
But that is the thing about Malaysian people, we always like to make excuse for the things and people we like. I can say so that we are very generous people in our ways. You maybe thinking that that I am starting to talk cock especially when you see the photo of this post. But I am coming to the point.
The point is that, even though I like to eat fresh food, sometimes I am making excuse for the foods which is full of preservative. Because I like the taste very much! So once in a while I will eat the most unhealthy foods. But I tell myself, at least it is freshly cook.
Here you can see some photo from my lunches. I love the Chinese sausage or lap cheong. There are generally 2 type of lap cheong - the liver type and the pork type. Both also I love to eat. The darker one is the liver sausage (see photo below), and the lighter colour is the pork sausage (top photo). Both are full of salts, and sugar and preservatives and fats, but I really love the taste.
I also love the preserve vegetable. At home I never cook it, so when I go and eat economy rice, I am very happy if I see the preserve vege. I will surely scoop some onto my plate. This variety is the pickle mustard green, or "kiam chye". It is quite salty if it is not soak for a long time. Usually it is cook with a bit of pork and chilli and sugar which is very delicious. One time I eat it cook with ray fish, also very delicious. This is also full of salt and preservative.
Lastly, I also like chye poh, or pickle radish. There are usually 2 types - sweet and salty, and this is the salty type shown here. Sometimes it is fry wiht pork, sometimes it is stir fry with long bean, tofu, peanut and chilli, and sometime is fry with egg to make omelette. All also are my favourite.
So today I tell you about my secret addiction to preservative and unhealthy foods. I will think about that when I hear the song "Fresh" next week.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

No low fat low sodium and low calories for fast foods

Today I have a lot of fun. My cousin sister from Sekinchan come to visit me. She is driving her new car - a gold colour Toyota Camry. She drive us to go for lunch.

Because she is from small town, she always love to go to fast foods restaurant whenever she come to KL. So even though I don't really enjoy fast foods, I always accompany her to eat. But this time I choose the restaurant, which is Kenny Roger Roasters. Actually I choose Kenny Roger not because the food is very delicious or anything, but it is because they say that the food is low fat, low sodium and low calories.

You may be wonder why I think about calories when I write a flog! But actually I am worry because many floggers I meet are all fat. So I also afraid that I will put on weight from keeping this flog. So I try and eat healthy when I can.

So we order the 1/4 chicken, and 3 sides with the famous corn muffin. Me and my cousin sister have the same taste so we order the same side dishes. We order coleslaw, pasta salad and cucumber and tomato salad. And we also share a pilaf rice. All are very delicious. So we polish off everything from our plate including the delicious chicken gravy. I also love the corn muffin, which go very well with everything.

So we go home feeling very full and nice. But when I check on the internet on the number of calories that we just eat, I am shock! The meal which I just have is 1100 calories! And it have too many gram of fat and sodium. Thats mean that if I count my whole day limit of 2000 calories, I eat 55% of it in one meal (the website I see is using a total Daily Value of 2000 calories, and some fat and sodium formula which the US government use, and the number you see below for DV is mean % of Daily Value).

The calorie are coming from:
1/4 chicken (I like drumstick and skin) - 270 cals (14% DV), 26% fat DV and 22% sodium DV
coleslaw - 225 cal(11% DV) 25% fat DV, 12% sodium DV
tomato cucumber salad - 125 cal (6% DV), 3% fat DV and 33% sodium DV
pasta salad - 230 cal (11.5% DV), 18% fat DV and 13% sodium DV
corn muffin- 163 cals (8% DV), 9% fat DV and 10% sodium DV
rice pilaf (1/2 portion) - 88 cals (4.5% DV), 4% fat DV and 6% sodium DV.

So all in all is 1101 cals (55% DV), 85% fat DV and 96% sodium DV! I am really shock! How healthy is that? So I realise that the actual tagline is "lower fat, lower sodium and lower calories" and is not the same as "low fat, low sodium and low calories". Now I understand why people who eat a lot of fast food usually not healthy. People say that Kenny Rogers go for plastic surgery -thats why his looks change so much, but maybe it is change because he eat too much of his roasters roast chicken and side dishes!

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Very steam steamboat!

I just come back from dinner. As you may know, we in Malaysia celebrate the Hari Raya Aidilfitri 13 and 14 of this month. It is the Muslim festival to celebrate end of fasting month. So because we are a multiracial country who love food, this few weeks we have been invited to many open house.

To people not from Malaysia, maybe you are not familiar wiht open house concept. Basically it mean party with food, and it is usually during festive period. So in Malaysia, it is usual to have open house during Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year and Deepavali. Thats mean that during that time, your friends who celebrating the festival will invite you visit their homes. And there, they will prepared all the lovely foods which is according to the festival.

So for Aidilfitri, you can taste many local favourites like rendang, laksa, lemang, ketupat, satay, and a lot more. Most of the foods is very fattening and use a lot of oils and coconut milk. Many flogs have write about about this kind of thing, so I don't do the same. Instead I can tell you that for a break, I have a very plain dinner tonight - steamboat.

Steamboat is actually like a hotpot. The restaurant give you a hot pot of soup and some raw foods- meats, fish, vege etc and you just cook the food in the soup. It is very light and tasty. Tonight I eat steamboat with different. Instead of soup, inside the hotpot is porridge. In Malaysia when we say porridge it is not oats, but rice porridge (congee). This is a very delicious way of cooking the food and I enjoy very much.

There is 3 of us eating, so we order only a little bit. We have the standard order for 2 people:

and we add some meat tendon balls:

fish ball with oyster and "fatt choi" (like a thin seaweed which look a bit like pubic hair):


slice mutton - it has many fats in it, but it taste more nicer this way:

slice pork neck which the restaurant say is imported, but not say import from where:

pumpkin (which you can see is the yellow thing in the porridge):

pig kidney and some vege. The sauce they give is 2 types - chilli sauce (red colour)and very hot chilli sauce (green colour):

When you are cooking the foods, the porridge is becoming tastier. Also because the restaurant put some MSG into the foods or it is already there in the so-called balls and other process foods. But all in all, it is a very delicious meal, and it is a different thing from the normal steamboat.

Like we like to say in Malaysia - very steam lah!! (meaning "it's great" or "it's hot" or "it's cool").

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Italy come to Malaysia

I want to continue more about the story of I visit Pavilion shopping centre. As you can read below I specially go there to see Dr Mahathir bakery. But near to the bakery is a very lovely cafe. I think this is my new favourite cafe.

Some reader of this flog may not know that I love drinking coffee. My favourite coffee is latte. Last time, before Kuala Lumpur is become a sophisticated city, all the coffee I can find here is only the nescafe or the local coffee serve in the coffee shop or the filter coffee. But one day, it is all change by the sneaky tactic of the cigarette company ...

You see in Malaysia they start to ban cigarette advertising. Of course for a long time they already ban advertisement with people smoking, but the cigarette company is very smart. They advertise other thing with their brand name so that it is not a cigarette advertisement but is still their brand. Example is the "Salem High Country" (which got all sorts of mountain scenery as if smoking make the air pure). Or "Mild Seven Adventure" (which is a travel scene on the sea which as if smoking is a very fun thing). Or "Benson and Hedges Gold Centre" (which is a creepy advertisement with a figure look like the devil blowing a pipe). So when they stop all that on tv, the Benson and Hedges is still very smart - they open up a cafe.

So the Benson and Hedges cafe is open in town, and one of the thing they introduce to us is the Italian style coffee. I think it is to show that smoking is like La Dolce Vita. So that is the first time I am drinking the so called "latte", "cappucino", "espresso" and etc. Of course it is a very big adventure to me - when they give me the menu I don't know what all the coffees is, so I have to learn by trial and error. I find out that the one which is very worth it is the latte (very big glass), and the one which is not worth it is the espresso (very small cup).

This new cafe at the Pavilion which I think is first in Malaysia is call "Espressamente illy". You may have see before the illy coffee in the supermarket, but illy not only make coffee powder. It also open cafe selling their own coffee. So I read on the illy website that it have more than 120 cafe, which 70 is oversea and 50 is in Italy. This is probably a franchise because the bill at the back say "La Bodega" so I think it is open by the people who open La Bodega.

The place is very beautiful decor and classy looking. But it is a bit disorganise, maybe because it just open and it is very crowded. But it is quite OK to stand at the counter to self-service because the gwailoh making the coffee is very good looking. So I don't mind waiting for my coffee.

I order a cafe latte which is serve in a glass - look a bit like martini glass (you can see the first picture above). The coffee is a bit expensive, but it is very good quality coffee. I recommend everyone to go there and try it.