Friday, 27 July 2007

Champion Breakfast

People say taht a good breakfast means a good start for the day. I am always shock when people tell me that they don't eat breakfast. Some people say that drink coffee or teh tarik is enough for breakfast, but I don't agree, breakfast is the most impotant meal of the day.

Well today, I am going to tell you what I always eat for breakfast. For breakfast, I always eat cereal. This is a picture of my breakfast today. Today I added a bit of sugar to my cereal so that got more taste, but usually I eat my cereal kosong with only milk.

Eating cereals always give me a lot of energy so that I can work properly in the morning. My job is very hectic and I always have to run here run there, so I realised that a good breakfast is very impotant.

But cannot eat cereal everyday non-stop. So sometimes I eat bread with jam or kaya. I also find that that also gives me a lot of energy for my work. So my advice to everybody is to eat a good champion breakfast.

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