Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Taking Photos

Today I very happy. I remember to take a photo before I start eating. Actually I took 2 photo, but one of them didn't turn out well. Because the fish is black colour, the photo come out looking like shit. But my friend say, "Look only like that, taste more important. The most beautiful photo also no use if the food is not nice." So after I listen to him, I think it is ok to put this picture on my flog.

Because I like eating food, I try and eat healthy food (like fish, rice, veggie, cereal, bread). So today I eat economy rice - rice, fish and veggie. The veggie is ok, it is not overcook like some economy rice restaurants. The fish is very tasty and very fresh, and not smelly even though the photo is not so nice. The fish is grille, so not oily like fried fish. The kuah is quite sour tasting and it is because got asam jawa (tamarind) and tomatoe in it. With the chili padi and onions, wah - really shiok lah.

So the picture is not nice, but the taste is nice. Eat more fish - it is good for your health.

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