Wednesday, 15 August 2007

China and India meet in Malaysia

I am thinking today about our Malaysia's happy birthday. For all my readers from oversea (and I happy to say that this flog got readers from 8 country at the moment), I want to tell you that Malaysia is going to celebrate the 50th Merdeka anniversary. It mean htat we are 50 years independent of the colonial rule of the Britain. On 31st August 2007 is the 50th anniversary of our independent day.

So one very important point about Malaysia is that we have a multiracial society in Malaysia. That mean that we have Malay, Chinese and Indian and others living in one country. So it is very important that we have peace and harmony in between all these people. I have hear before that people say that the Chinese in Malaysia not really love Malaysia, example is when Malaysia vs China in the Thomas Cup badminton, the so called Chinese in Malaysia sure support China. I can tell you that is not true. I think that is a bad example because I think our Chinese cheering for the team that they are betting. You can see during the World Cup football, everyone is supporting all sorts of countries - Brazil, England, ARgentina, Germany, Portugal, Africa, Australia - whatever team that they bet.

When I tell this idea to my friends, some of them asking me, "What for you talk about these things? This got nothing to do with your lovely food." But I tell my friends that I very admire this writer for our New Sunday Times call "Jeremy Clarkson". He is a gwailoh who is writing about car things in our local newspaper, but he mostly write about other thing before he talk about cars. So I also copycat his style a bit.

So about our lovely food, I have say before that Malaysia is "truely Asia". And that is very true if you look at hte 1st picture up above. You can see that the pot is Chinese style (clay pot) but the food is Indian style (curry) and we eat with rice (anywhere in Asia also eating). And eating this lovely curry is Chinese and Malay (sorry, I not allow to take photo of my friends for this flog). Where else in this earth can you truely say that people have so accept other cultures into their life that even the food is a mix? That is why I give this flog entry the title "China and India meet in Malaysia" - truely Asia.

The curry is lovely taste, and you can see that it is still boiling when it reach the table because the clay pot keep the heat inside very well. This is a fish curry, and you can see in Malaysia, we eat fish with the bone and head still there. The fish head part is very delicious - you can suck out all the very nutritious jelly in the fish head.

What a unique country is Malaysia! The lovely food give you a taste of the culture of the country. Happy 50 Merdeka soon!


IronEaters said...

fish head curry! i love that alot,wish i could hav them here =( I also enjoy reading other foodblogs too with nice writings/layout/pics, nice blog btw =D

Lovely Malaysia Food said...

Hello ironeaters

Thank you for visiting my blog from Melbourne, Australia. I am so happy that you take time to visit. I can send you recipe so you can coook the curry yourself. Would you like?

Quachee said...
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Quachee said...

hi there. like yr post :)

heya btw im publishing a book on malaysia - the positive reviews.. and wld like to interview you a thing or 2 on what you love about the country.

is that ok? :)