Sunday, 26 August 2007

Weekend breakfast

Everyweek I wait for Saturday to come. That is because it is the start of the weekend. And if you read my earlier post, you can see htat I start the weekend with a good breakfast on Saturday.

Always when I eat my breakfast, I will read the Star newspaper. The Star newspaper like all daily newspaper in Malaysia cost RM1.20. I don't think so the news in the Star is better than New Strait Times. When I see the Star newspaper, sometimes I am disappointed. It is full of advertisement. And all the advertisement is all the same - it is bank products, telco talking about the cheap talk on the phone, shops selling furniture. Sometimes I wonder who can be bother to read these advertisements? Maybe the advertisement is read by only people working in the bank or telco or furniture shop, to see what their competitor is doing, but normal people, I don't think so they bother to look at the advertisement. But the business world is changing, so maybe one day, the newspaper will pay the readers to read the paper and advertisement inside the paper.

But after I say all that, I still think that actually the Star give better value than other newspaper. It is thicker and heavier, so when I sell it to the old newspaper man, I always get more money than if I buy New Strait Times or other paper. That is why the Star is still my number one newspaper.

Today as I am reading the newspaper, I notice there are more and more Merdeka story. To all dear visitors to this flog from oversea (I am happy to report there people from 10 countries), I wnat to let you know that this Friday 31 August 2007 is Malaysia 50th anniversary of independence from the colony rule of Britain. So it is a very important history for Malaysia. And as I am reading the paper, I hear at 9.40 a.m. the fighter planes flying very loudly above the kopi tiam. I think they are preparing for the Merdeka parade.

Since it is nostalgia, I order some kaya toast for my breakfast. Kaya is coconut jam which is a traditional breakfast jam of Malaysia. You can eat it with toast, or sometimes it is the filling for pau (steam bun). Sometimes you can put it on kuih also (traditional cakes). Unfortunately I eat most of the toast before I can remember to take a photo but I manage to take the last part.

Since I am very hungry, I also order pork noodles. Here you can see that I order the "dry style" which is the noodles is not mix into the soup. It is serve separately in a soya sauce mixture. The soup is serve separately in a bowl. Inside there is mince pork, lean pork slices, vegetable and one egg. The soup is the type which is make from stock from boiling pig bones. So it is very delicious. The condiment which is given is the slice chilli in soya sauce. If you like a bit of spicy stuff, you can eat your noodle together with the chilli. Lovely noodles.

I also have my favourite kopi peng. I feel very satisfied after breakfast and after reading the Star newspaper. I can remember so much about my breakfast but I cannot remember any advertisement from the newspaper today.

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