Sunday, 12 August 2007

What am I eating?

Sometimes I think I am so lucky I living in Malaysia. Here as our tourism says, "Malaysia truely Asia". In this country, we eat all sorts of foods - Malays, Chinese, Indian, Mat Salleh (western), Mexican, American fast foods. The food can be expensive or cheap, the restaurant can be high class or mamak stall, but there are so many types and choices for everyone. Actually we are truely more than Asia in terms of food is concerned. We are truely the world of food.

Everyday you can eat something new and wonderful. It is really so lovely to know that. On top, you can see a picture of one of my favourite foods as I have put in the list on this flog. It is called char koay teow, or fried rice noodles.

Today, I eat something new and it is something I never eat before. So I take a picture for everyone to see so that they can tell me what it is. What kind of veggie is that? I ask the stall owner, but he only know the chinese name of the veggie. So I don't know how to tell all of you. Can you tell me?


boo_licious said...

No idea abt the veges. It kinda look like sweet potato leaves but why so strange as only stalks?

Lovely Malaysia Food said...

Hi boo_licious! It is not sweet potato stalks; it is much thicker. Maybe 2x thicker. It is also crunchy and slihgtly sweet. I try to look up in a recipe book, and maybe it is fresh stem of lily bulb? But there are no flowers.