Friday, 17 August 2007

Food from the past

Nowadays in the newspaper, everyone is talking about our 50th merdeka celebration. Everyone always remembering how life is like 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago. Always, they say that we have make much progress as a country since merdeka. Compare to the time whne we are under British government, the newspaper say that we now have a better life.

I think that is true. But if you say compare between 30 years ago and now, I don't know if that is true. I remember 30 years ago, life is very simple, and safe. (I can only remember 30 years ago because I not so old to remember 40 years ago). I can walk to the sundry shop to buy things and not afraid of getting the handbag snatch. Now stand outside the house also afraid of snatch thief.

30 years ago, I think also our life very different. I think I never eat many things that we can easily get now. Example is the sushi. Or thai food, or croisant, pizza, lasagne, chocolate fountain. McDonalds also never open yet in KL. We only have KFC and A&W. I remember I always eat the Baby Burger at A&W. Today, we have so many choice! So I think life is better today.

So since I thinking of yesterday, I eat lunch at an old kopi tiam (coffee shop in Hokkien). It serve dishes and rice. So when you order hte food, they will heat up for you. They have many type of soups and all sorts of old type of home cook dishes. Example is the fatty pork with salted fish, stew deer meat, chicken cook in rice wine, claypot curry fish head, and many type of soup - peanut, pork rib, herbal chicken, and more. All that we eat with rice.

The fatty pork with salted fish is very good. You can see it is the brown colour dish. They also put a bit of dry chilli so it is a little bit hot and salty. We also eat the stew deer meat which is the black colour dish. This is very tender and juicy. It is really delicious. We eat with rice and some veggie.

I feel very satisfied after eating. The food go very well with the memories that I have of what I use to eat when I was still small. It is a perfect meal for this month.

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