Sunday, 12 August 2007

Made in Malaysia by Me

Today I am so happy because it is Saturday. I wait for one whole week for today. So to celebrate Saturday, I usually make a nice breakfast to start the weekend.

But when I open the fridge, I see that there is not much because I don't have time to visit the supermakret. But not to say that I cannot make my breakfast from what is inside the fridge.

So first, I take 2 piece of bread. I use wholemeal because it is more healthy. This is Gardenia brand. One thing good about Gardenia brand is the bread never grow fungus. They must use good ingredients to make the bread to long lasting. For eating with hte bread, I take a slice of cheese. This is Kraft Extra Light brand. I think it is the best Extra Light cheese that I have try before.
But as you know, bread with Kraft Extra Light cheese only is not interesting. One thing I find out myself is that for something to taste nice, it must have many flavour. So I try to make my food got salty, got sweet, got plain, and sometimes got sour and also got chilli. So it is more interesting.

So I was thinking, what will go well with bread (plain) and Kraft Extra Light cheese (salty)? I think these 2 needs something sweet to make it nicer. So I put strawberry jam on the bread.

The taste is very nice because the jam is the low sugar type (so it is a bit sweet and sour), and the red colour make the sandwich look nicer.

I pack the sandwich in a nice plastic bag so I can eat it after I go to jogging later.

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