Monday, 13 August 2007

Max Kitchen and Wines

One thing about me is I like to read other people's blogs. So many blogs are so interesting with many nice photo. Soemtimes I can whole day just reading blogs and thinking about the lovely foods that all these floggers are enjoying.

I think if more people can spend more time taking photo about food, discussing about food, going out to eat food, trying many variety of food, writing the blogs about food, and arranging with friends to eat in the many new and nice restaurants, then sure there will be peace on earth. Because everyone so busy eating and doing all that, got no time for fighting a war. Sometimes I think maybe the people start war because they got no food to eat and no internet and no nice restaurant in their hometown. I think the United Nations should study this and see how they can be promoting peace through other method than they do now. Better they exchange recipe than exchange bullet.

I think of all this last 2 nights when I went to a lovely restaurant. Actually I read about this restaurant in other people's blog and they all say that it is a very good place. So I make a booking for a table for me and my friends. And we all really have a good time, and very lovely food.

There were many lovely sounding dishes on the menu, and I hope that I can slowly try all of them one by one. So I start iwth the first dish - a salad with portobello mushroom. It was very delicious - eveyrthing is perfect. But I have no photo because I shy to take a photo in such a nice restaurant.

But after I have a few wines, I no longer shy, so I take a photo of the bread. I think I drunk because the photo a bit senget.

I also take photo of my main course. This is a yellow fin tuna. It is medium, so you can still see inside not yet fully cook. I love it like that - like eating sashimi and grill fish at the same time!

My friend order the Wagyu beef cheeks. I only try a little bit because I don't eat beef. It was very tasty and soft. But he eat so fast that I got no chance to take a photo when the plate is still nice.

After eating that, I was sad that I already too full for dessert. So I only have a coffee. Next time I think I will go jogging before I go to Max for dinner so that I can really attack the dessert!

Now I know why all the floggers love the food cook by Max. He is a very talented chef, and the food is lovely. The portion also quite big and the price is very reasonable. I recommend everybody to go there to try the food. It is very easy to find on Tengkat Tong Shin behind Jalan Alor.


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