Friday, 27 July 2007

Champion Breakfast

People say taht a good breakfast means a good start for the day. I am always shock when people tell me that they don't eat breakfast. Some people say that drink coffee or teh tarik is enough for breakfast, but I don't agree, breakfast is the most impotant meal of the day.

Well today, I am going to tell you what I always eat for breakfast. For breakfast, I always eat cereal. This is a picture of my breakfast today. Today I added a bit of sugar to my cereal so that got more taste, but usually I eat my cereal kosong with only milk.

Eating cereals always give me a lot of energy so that I can work properly in the morning. My job is very hectic and I always have to run here run there, so I realised that a good breakfast is very impotant.

But cannot eat cereal everyday non-stop. So sometimes I eat bread with jam or kaya. I also find that that also gives me a lot of energy for my work. So my advice to everybody is to eat a good champion breakfast.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Makan Sandwich

Today my friend intorduce me to a nice new sandwich shop. It is called "O'Briens". The food is very lovely and delicious. One of teh best sandwich I have tasted from outside.

We have a good start to the meal- A crambo club triple decker.

My friend say there is NOTHING more appetizing than turkey ham and coleslaw in a sandwich. He is right. It is Delicious so we forget to take a picture after unwrapping it as I makan straight away. Apologies!

But I did snap a picture of their egg mayonnaise sandwic. I love OBriens Mayonaise. I think it is the best in KL.

We also try a selection of their finest potato crisps. The wasabi-flavoured very shiok.

I had a celery+carrot drink, also delicious. Then we got a selection of pastries that will make Angel Cake House cry. So delicious!

But note: their apple tart was not so good. We didn't finish eating it.

Lovely lovely malaysia foods

Do you love food? Do you love MALAYSIAN foods???? I love Malaysian foods!!!! My favourite foods are nasi lemak, fried koay teow and KFC (original recipe). OK, maybe KFC is not Malaysian but so many people in Malaysia love KFC that it can also qualify as Malaysian food. So I dedicate this blog to the best food in Malaysia. Since I love eating and taking photos and sharing stories about food, we can makan together.