Sunday, 2 September 2007

My favourite foods to celebrate Merdeka

It is a lovely weekend in Kuala Lumpur. We just have our 50th independence day celebration on 31 August and we have many things happening in the city. We have the parade on 31 August. I saw Prince Andrew on TV representing Britain. Because our independence day celebration clash with the Princess Diana's 10th death anniversary, I think so that is why we cannot get a higher class royal to attend in Malaysia.

Because it is a holiday on Friday, I also celebrate. As you already read in previous post, I always start the weekend with a nice breakfast. So this week, I have 2 times of nice breakfast. To celebrate, I have my favourite food the 2 times. My favourite food is char koay teow or fried koay tewo (flat rice noodle look like parpadelle pasta).

Char koay teow is a well known Malaysian food. The ingredient is koay teow, beansprout, chives, prawn, seeham (cockles), chillie and egg (chicken egg). Some times you can also find crab meat, duck egg, lap cheong (chinese sausage). Some times if you order char koay teow in hte hotel coffee house, they will put things like beef and chicken, but that is not real char koay toew ingredient. But there are many style of the dish - you can see from the picture above and below that different stall serve different style.

One of the stall owner is very nice. He allow me to take a photo of him frying the koay teow. His stall is already very long in KL but recently only my friend take me to eat there. It is in Damansara Height.

Many people say that that best char koay teow is coming from Penang. But everyone I know from Penang also cannot agree which stall is the most nicest in Penang. Recently I read in the newspaper that the famous Lorong Selamat stall has a branch in USJ. I must go and look for it and eat to see if it is the same as the Penang one which I have try before.

Both the char koay teow I eat is very delicious, and it is a good way to celebrate 50 years of independence - Merdeka!

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