Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Malaysian "Buffet"

Sorry I long silence. I quite busy working. But during the time I not writing, I was eating and taking nice photo to show all of you.
The last post I am writing about America. And I found a nice picture of the Golden Gate Bridge to put here. If you look at the Flavours magazine you can see what I mean about the bridge.

Talking about America make me nostalgia. I think of the first time I go there. It was such a lovely place. I am so impress by the shops and the many things that the shops has. But pity that time I am only a student, so I don't have the money to buy many thing. And I also don't have the money to eat many nice foods. In fact most of the time I eat with my friends at cheap shops. Of course not to say that cheap foods is not nice, you can see from this flog that the cheap food in Malaysia is very delicious. But in America that time, I am eating a lot of economy rice.

Of course in America they don't call it "economy rice" like here in Malaysia. Americans are smarter than that. They got more style. And they know how to make nice names for things. So they call it a "buffet". The first time I eat at this buffet, I am thinking I can fill my plastic container with as much food as I like. So when it comes to the time to pay, I was so shock! They weigh my food and charge me by how heavy is the food. USD3.99 a pound, I think, or more. I never see before a buffet that you have to pay for the food by the pounds. In Singapore they make you pay for the food you don't eat by the weight but that is a different thing - it is to make sure you don't simply grab all the food and waste by don't eat it. I feel so wasted and so not worth it because I took chicken drumstick and pork ribs. If I know that is the way they charge, I will sure choose the chicken with no bone and the pork fillet instead.

In Malaysia, we also got a local "buffet". It is usually call "economy rice". I also don't know why they call it "economy rice", maybe it is because it is not expensive. But that depend on what dishes you choose. If you choose chicken or fish or pork, sure it iwll cost more. But if you choose the cheap things like vegetable and tofu, then it is costing less.

I choose many dishes which I like. You can scoop as much of the dishes as you like and the owner will charge you according to what you choose and how much you take. You can see my lunch here.
There is the chinese sausage which is slice up.

Also I choose vege - this is chinese preserve vegetable, kangkung (water convulvus), and local brussel sprout.

For meat, I choose sweet and sour pork also. I think it is pork; it could also be chicken.

All this is cost RM4.50 which is very reasonable. The only thing is that I think the stall owner never display the prices so if you smile nicely at him, maybe he will charge you lesser a bit.

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