Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Adventure food

All of you by now sure know that I am very proud to be a Malaysian. Although I have travel before to other country, I still think that it is true "home sweet home".

Why I like Malaysia is not only because of the lovely Malaysia foods. It is also because the people of Malaysia almost all like food. If you go to any gathering here, and you don't know anyone also, you can still make friend. The secret? You start talking about food, and sure you will have a very long conversation with the other people, provided he is Malaysian also.

It is just like the British talk about weather and the Americans talk about baseball and American football, Malaysians talk about food. Actually it is the same - weather, baseball, American football, food. The main thing is the excitement. Someone tell me once that British weather change very fast - one moment sunshine, another moment it is raining, and if you manage to predict is like strike lottery. So you can spend a lot of time talking about it. Same thing for baseball and American football - it is both an exciting game with a lot of action, so Americans can talk nonstop about it. So for Malaysians, it is food - we can talk nonstop about it.

So some people can ask - what is so special about Malaysian foods that can talk so long? Well, you can see that in Malaysia we have many flogs. So many people talking about food, and taking photo. Talking about food that they like to eat, they don't like to eat, they like to cook etc - so many thing to talk about.

For me, eating is like adventure. I like to taste all type of food and see whether nice or not. Some things I am amaze that the thing that look like that can taste so nice. So today I share with you 3 things which sounds like not nice, but is actually very delicious.

The first thing is pig intestine. This is cook fry with pineapple and tomato sauce, something like sweet and sour. The pig intestine is a little bit bitter, and is a bit chewy also. It is very delicious.

The 2nd thing is chicken feet. This is deep fry first and then is braise with mushroom. The skin is nice and soft and absorb the gravy very well. It is a lovely taste.

The third thing is pig fat. Here is the one which I pick out from the Hokkien fry noodles which I talk about in the last post. It is fry until very crispy and crunchy - so delicious.

So this is why I think we all have so much to talk about. So many things to discuss about and so many place to eat - home tasty home.


Anonymous said...


I also like the same foods. Some are tasty becos they are so full of fats!!

Lovely Malaysia Food said...

Thank you. I am glad we have the same tastes. Fatty foods is always nice taste but no good for healthy lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

I like your pictures. Your foods looks so delishious. can give address ah?

Lovely Malaysia Food said...

Thank you for your comment. I will try and post the address of the shops, but mlayasians usually never know the address of any coffee shop unless they make effort to remember.