Sunday, 23 September 2007

Chinese Taipei Food

Sometimes I think the world is a very stupid place and people are mad. Today I am thinking that because I read hte news that China nad Taiwan cannot make agreement to let the Olympic torch go through Taiwan.

Actually this quarrel between China and Taiwan already going on for long time. Ever since the KMT and Chiang Kai Shek run away from China to go to start a new life and country in Taiwan. Of course China under Mao Tse Tung not like it and never recognise Taiwan as a separate country. So until today China never recognise Taiwan as a separate country. Of course to me this is something I cannot understand. So many thing that Mao Tse Tung do already condemn or thrown away, example the Cultural Revolution, how it is no good for individual to be rich, anti-intellectual, the Gang of Four and many other thing. It is very difficult for me to understand why still thinking like Mao Tse Tung that China cannot recognise Taiwan as a country. Many things I don't understand, so I don't really think so much about it.

Anywya, I want to tell you about Taiwan food that I try recently. Since I am reading the Taiwan is allow by China to take part in the 2008 Olympic as "Chinese Taipei" and not Taiwan, I am calling the food "Chinese Taipei Food". But in reality, it is still the same food, just like it is the same athlete taking part in the Olympic.

This is a Chinese Taipei food restaurant in KL in Imbi area. It is call Fong Lye and the food is different from the usual Chinese food we eat in KL which is mainly the Cantonese style. So the dishes are quite unusual. We eat rice and a few dishes.

The first dish is a clams with basil leaf. The chef put some ginger and chilli in it also, so it is a little spicy.

We also have the pork stew Chinese Taipei style. And a fried fish with sauce. The sauce has some bean in it call "sweet bean", but actually it is a bit sour. I am not sure what kind of bean it is, but it has a seed inside. I think it is a type of fruit or berry.

Finally we also have a chive with mince pork. This is a bit salty with some bean paste.

It is all very delicious and lovely taste. I think many people eating it will not care if it is coming from China or Chinese Taipei, but everyone will just think of it as Chinese food. To me it doesn't matter whether it is 2 country or 1 country.


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Lovely Malaysia Food said...

What kind of silly people post comment on my flog?! Asking for free advertisement or a better page rank on google.

Gloves for Love said...

Thank you for introducing all the yummy looking food on your blog. I just have one concern...As a native Taiwanese, I am a bit offended that you have opt to call Taiwanese food as Chinese Taipei food. Chinese Taipei is a term that Taiwane uses as the very last resort under the fierce bullying of Beijing. And it was agreed that that the term would only be used for various international organizations, in the Olympics, and other sporting events. NEVER EVER should it be used to refer to TAiwan's culture..such as food!
Once again, I do thank you for highlight the wonderful cuisine my country has to offer. But please correct the mistake by using the proper term, "Taiwanese Food."

Thank you!!! Keep up the great work!