Friday, 7 September 2007

Eating outdoors

One thing good about Malaysia is the weather. It never really change. The temperature is 30 degrees C plus so all the time the weather is hot. Sometimes it rain, sometimes cloudy, but the temperature never usually fall below 25 degrees C even at night.

Food and weather are always link. Because it is always warm, I think so htat its why we in Malaysia have food available all the time. Because it is convenient for people to go out and eat anytime. I have been before to cold country like England. Especially in the winter so terrible and cold. Nobody want to go out late at night and eat unless they are desperate. Whereas in Malaysia - 24 hours also people selling food and people eating in the stalls and restaurants. It is because the weather is comfortable at night - cooler so people feel comfortable to go out to eat and drink late at night.

Today I will show you eating outdoors Malaysia style. My work make me always running here and there, I usually find that I must eat on the way going back to the office. So I eat somewhere along the way by myself usually.

One place I like to stop by is within the Lake Garden in KL. It is a large park area inside the city. You can see that there are many big trees around and it is very shady. So what people do is they put up tents below the tree and use it as an outdoor dining room. Because it is in the Lake Garden, it is a little bit cooler also. So even though the sun is shining very strongly, it is still OK to sit outside and eat. If you don't wnat to sit under the tree, you can also sit inside which is cover by a proper roof.

There are a few stalls selling food here. One of the famous one is the Tanglin Nasi Lemak which is selling only in the morning. Apart from that, there is grill fish and rice with other dishes. They also have other type of food - Malay economy rice etc.

Today, I eat Malay economy rice which is white rice and other dishes. The dishes I choose is chicken curry, fried beansprouts, tempeh (soya bean cakes) fry iwth chilli and ikan bilis and brinjal sambal (chilli paste). You can see that the food is very well cook!

Actually the food is delicious and the place is also quite cool. It is a very lovely lunch that I have today. The meal is simple and the place is also simple, but the food is good and cheap. All together the food and one glass of ice tea is cost RM5 (AUD1.73 or USD1.43 or 70p or Euro1.05 ) - very cheap! You can see that I put AUD conversion first, because this flog got many Australian visitor - it is the 2nd largest group of visitor after Malaysia. G'day and thank you very much for visiting my flog.

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