Sunday, 2 September 2007

Look East

I never mention before that I love Japanese food. And the reason I love Japanese food is actually because of our Prime Minister encourage it. It start in the 1980's, Malaysia Prime Minister is Dr Mahathir. He is a very good leader and because of him Malaysia is much faster developed and I love Japanese food.

In 1980's, Dr Mahathir introduce a new policy. The policy is call "Look East". Some people say that the name of the policy is also called "Buy British Last", but I don't know if it is the same thing because I am too young to remember clearly. Under Look East policy, Malaysian people realise that there are many good things about Japan, and one of them is Japanese food. There are many Japanese restaurants coming up in Malaysia at that time, and one of my favourite is "Teppanyaki" in Sungai Wang Plaza. I really love the restaurant very much.

After I familiar iwth the teppanyaki, I also start to try the raw food like sushi and sashimi. The first time I eat raw fish, I not use to it and feel like vomit. But after a few times, I get to love it very much. Nowadays, I eat sushi quite often.

But last week, I am getting a new lesson in sushi from my friend. He order "toro" sushi for me to try and it is so delicious. I read from the menu that toro is actually tuna belly, and it is different from maguro which is normal tuna. The difference is that the belly is high fat - so it is taste very creamy. It is my favourite sushi that I have ever try.

He order 2 type of toro sushi - one is in a bowl on top of rice, and the other type is in a seaweed roll. Both of them are very delicious and I really enjoy eating it. It is nicer that normal maguro.

I also eat some chicken katsu don, which is a bowl of rice with deep fry chicken. It is a delicious meal. Thank you very much my friend for a lovely lovely meal.


The Fussy Eater said...

This looks very yummy!

Lovely Malaysia Food said...

Hi fussy eater

Yes, the toro was very yummy. It is very creamy and rich.