Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Pork at Vintry

Today it is a shock to read the news. I read that the Melaka state government (a state in Malaysia south of KL) is going to kill pigs. The state government say that there are 100,000 pigs which have to leave the state and go somewhere else if not they will be kill. Of course it is not easy to just move 100,000 pigs somewhere else, so I think the pigs sure will be kill.

Malaysian people slaughter 7,500 pigs a day and if the 100,000 pig got no place to go, they will have to kill extra 6,000 a day. And of course it is not that the government will slaughter the pigs so that we can enjoy cheap pork for a while. I read that they will just bury the pigs alive. So this not means that we can eat cheap roast pork.

I am thinking all about this today when I go for lunch. You see, it is because where I eat lunch is a very famous place for pork dish. The place is call "Vintry". It is actually a wine shop which turn into a pork restaurant. It also have other dishes which is not pork, but it is 85% pork. And prok here is not just the normal pork that we eat like roast pork, bbq pork or pork chop. Here they have very unusual pork dish!

Some of the dish sound very nice, so I think I must come here again to eat all of it slowly. I wonder what the Korean noodle iwht roast pork and the fried rice with roast pork taste like. Also the corn beef fried rice. All sounds very delicious!

Today we eat a few things. First is a fry roast pork sandwich, which is roast pork which is fry with black soya sauce and put inside a pita bread. Inside the pita bread is also some lettuce (shred, not a whole leaf). The roast pork is one of the specialty here and it is very high standard roast pork with hte crunchy skin.

Another friend eating a pork burger with olive. I try a bit of the burger - very nice and juice.

And I eat a teriyaki pork burger which is pork shred and mix with fry onions and cook in teriyaki sauce. This one they serve with lettuce (whole leaf but not like Carl's Jr they never advertise it as part of the dish) on a bun. It is very delicious also. You can see the picture of teriyaki pork burger at the start of this post.

I think we enjoy the food very much, so I think it is worth it for the pig to die to feed us. Not like the pigs that will be kill by the state government - if bury alive, sure we cannot eat it - and not worth it for the pig just to die like that without becoming delicious pork dish.

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