Tuesday, 18 September 2007

What a sad day

It is quite sad today when I read the newspaper. It say that food prices are going to become more expensive all around the world. It is because the price of corn is going up. Of course the paper is quoteing the experts and saying it is because population increase, climate change and all that.
But I am sure that the price of corn going up is because of President Bush. I think so the paper don't dare to say that becaues the USA spend so much money on buying weapons and fighting a stupid war in Iraq and chasing Osama bin Laden through the countryside of Afghan that they don't spend enough money on agriculture. I don't think so the agriculture is a thing that can win many vote or sell many newspaper or magazine, so not many people are thinking about it. I think so that is the real reason why the price of corn go up. If I am this President Bush mother, I will be very sad - give birth to one son who grow up to cause such a horrible mess all around the world.

I know some readers will think - nevermind I don't eat much corn, so I am ok. But it is still sad news for you. The corn is use in so many things that you sure will feel it. Example, corn is use many foods to make it sweet (the high fructose corn syrup is use in almost all process foods). Corn also is the food for many animals. So if corn price go up, beef price also go up, chicken also etc. It will also causes the price of milk to go up, so anything which got milk in it like ice cream and etc all wil also go up. Of course the article try to say also the milk price going up is because the China people now like milk product. Thank goodness many Chinese lactose intolerant - drink milk sure lau sai (diarhoea). So the demand cannot be that much.

Is this mean that in Malaysia our food will also become more expensive? It is quite sad for me at dinner tonight. I drink my tea with milk (going to be more expensive).

I eat the chicken (more expensive).

I also have pork (more expensive).

I think of my breakfast last week (more expensive).

What a sad day.


Angela said...

Hi from Australia. Love your flog! Beautiful photos and great stories.I love Malaysia and your flog has made me very nostalgic-wish I was there now.

angela said...

Hi again - I meant to let you know in my last comment, we live in the same town as the Beerenburg jam you love :) We live in Adelaide and Beerenburg is a family farm business in the Adelaide hills.They have a great reputation and make all kinds of chutneys and jams. You can go and pick your own strawberries in the summer and they are yummy.Have a lovely day

Lovely Malaysia Food said...

Hello Angela and welcome to my flog. Thank you for your kind comments. I hope one day to visit Beerenburg - it sound like a lovely place. I also hope you come to Malaysia soon.

Joshua said...
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