Wednesday, 12 September 2007

American breakfast

I love America very much. It is such a lovely place to visit and I have been visit a few times already. The food there is very good and fresh and the portion is so big that I save money because 1 dish share by 2 people. I also love the way American talk to me - they always talk loudly and slowly so that I can understand what they say. They are also shock when I can answer them correctly. I also like American spelling because it make everything easier like color, flavor, alright, and other words.

One of my favourite place in America is California. I love best in California is San Francisco, which is a very beautiful city. Everyone sure know the famous landmark in San Francisco call the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a very beautiful thing to see if it is not cover by fog. But you will be shock just like me when I tell you a story about how some people not know the Golden Gate Bridge.

As you know already, every weekend, I like to eat a nice breakfast. This weekend, I eat breakfast at Coffee Bean. The Coffee Bean serve very good toast for breakfast - it is call "Tasty Toast Treat".
Actually it is the panini bread - you can see that the bread is not even - there is uneven lines on it so that the butter and jam stick more easily. I like the butter and jam here at Coffee Bean - it is very good quality jam.
The only thing is the coffee is not so good because it is the cheap filter type, it is not espresso. I think so this is a very stupid thing to try and save money on not giving espresso with the breakfast set. I read in the books that the coffee is actually the cheapest thing in the shop. What is expensive is the decoration and the furniture and the cups and the name "Coffee Bean", so I hope the the Coffee Bean people reading this will think carefully about this.

Actually there is a Dome next door. The Dome coffee is very good - and they serve the very good espresso. The bread also not bad. But the bad thing is that they give you the cheap jam which is taste like cheap jam. Last time, they give the good jam call "beerenburg" which is imported from Australia, but nowadays they give the cheap type which if I am not mistaken is make in China. Of course I am not eating the make in China jam in case they put cardboard and other things into it. So I think better to eat at Coffee Bean. I hope the Dome people reading this will think carefully about their jam.

I am actually very happy with my breakfast because I am sitting there eating the delicious bread and the good butter and jam. And it is also very coincidence that I am reading a story about the Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco. It is on page 94 of the september-october 2007 copy of Flavours magazine. I like hte photos very much because it is taken by a famous photographer in Malaysia call "Dave Hagerman". He is the photographer for hte flog "Eating Asia".

I am thinking it is very coincidence because The Coffee Bean is also originally from California. So ngam! But then I see a terrible mistake in the magazine. Everybody sure know the Golden Gate Bridge. NOT! (I still remember how to tell a joke like Borat). There is a picture of a bridge on page 95 which the magazine say is the Golden Gate Bridge, but it is definitely not right. The Golden Gate Bridge only got 2 towers to support the bridge, and this one got at least 3. Somemore the towers don't have criss-cross design, so sure not the correct bridge. I am shock that people who write the caption don't know that. Maybe because the photo is taken at sunset and hte bridge looks like golden so Flavours call it the Golden Gate Bridge. But the proofreader and the editor must remember that all that glitter is not gold. Maybe it is the Bay Bridge becaues it look like a double decker bridge in the photo.

But I don't let that spoil my breakfast and I enjoy every mouth of the toast.

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