Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Seafood noodle at Segambut

For those readers who are not from Malaysia, you may already know that Malaysia is a country make up of 2 parts. The first part is call Peninsular Malaysia which is join to Thailand in the north and Singapore to the south (by a bridge call the causeway). The 2nd part is part of the island of Borneo where we have 2 more states call Sabah and Sarawak and one federal territory call Labuan.

Because we have sea almost all around us (the Strait of Malacca and hte South China Sea), Malaysians love seafood. We love fish, prawn, squid, octopus, mussel, clam, cockle etc. You just have to see Malaysian people at a buffet. The 1st thing they do is straight go and attack the seafood and grab as much as they can. After that they will eat hte rice and become full very quick.

Malaysian people at a buffet is not a very good thing. On one hand you can say that we love food and not shy to show it, on one hand you can say that Malaysian people are veyr greedy and got no consideration for other people. Why I say this is because recently only I go to a buffet in a very nice hotel in Kuala Lumpur call Equatorial. Now, the Equatorial got a very nice Japanese restaurant call "Kampachi" and every Sunday they organise a “all you can grab" buffet lunch. Actually it is a "all you can eat" buffet but it is the same thing. For sure you can see all the ugly Malaysian behaviour - what I cannot stand the most is the rude people who grab all the tempura prawn the moment they are fry. I also want to grab some but I am not fast enough, so I usually have to eat the tempura prawn as dessert when everyone is too full to rush. Some more the worse thing is that they grab so much food and never finish. I am sure if you add up all the food that is taken but never eat, you can feed another 30-40 people.

Anyway, because I didn't get enough prawns and seafood that day at Kampachi, I decide to go for seafood noodle at Segambut. This is a place very famous in KL. They have lovely seafood - fish, prawn, mussel and lala (clam), squid - and you can choose the type of soup you like - clear soup, curry or tomyam.

My favorite is clear soup. And the seafood is a lot. I have my noodle dry - you can see that it is mix with soya sauce. It is very delicious and the best thing is I don't have to be rushing with other people to get the food. What a lovely lunch.

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