Sunday, 2 September 2007

A roadside stall

Whenever people talk about Malaysia foods, they always say that we have many varieties. But the varieties not limit to the types of food. There are many varieties of the places where people can eat food. I have mention before the kopi tiam, which is translated into "coffee shop". But it is not only serve coffee, kopi tiam is usually a non-aircon restaurant hwich has a few stalls selling different types of food. I have show you some of the types of food before - eg. pork noodles, char koay teow etc.

So today I show you something different, which is eating in a roadside stall. Here you can see that the "restaurant" is actually a lorong (lane) in between 2 buildings. The lane is facing a busy main road where there is a lot of traffic.

You can see that everything is in this lane - the kitchen, the place for prepare food, the drinks, the tables for people to eating. Because there is no aircon, this place is only open at night.

Sometimes some people are shock that there are Malaysians who will eat in this kind of place. Is it not hygiene, they ask. I suppose it is a good question to ask, but I don't know the answer. Maybe it is not hygiene, but also I never sick before eating here.

The food which is serve here is hokkien fried noodles, which is a traditional food. It is thick noodles which is fry in black soya sauce. It is very delicious because the oil use is pork oil which makes the food very tasty. You can find some bits of crispy pork fat in the noodles also.

It is a favourite food of me and my friends, but because it is very fattening and unhealthy, we cannot eat it often.

You can see what happen if you eat too much of hokkien noodle like my friend here - see he is so prosperous.


babe_kl said...

gosh yr b&w hokkien noodles looked like worm hehe

Lovely Malaysia Food said...

:-) it is quite funny how the black and white photo don't work all the time. I think I will go back to colour.

Anonymous said...

I think phtot in black and white look very classy even tho you only taking photo of stalls.

Lovely Malaysia Food said...

Thankyou for your comment. I very appreciate it.