Monday, 1 October 2007

CSI Changi

Sorry I never post for so long. I very busy at work and then I go holiday in Singapore. It was a lovely time there, and I love Singapore very much.

This post, I'm not writing about food because I didn't take many food photo in singapore. But since I can see that there are reader from many different country visit my flog, I have a funny photo to show you.
You see, I take plane to go to Singapore, so I land in the world's loveliest airpot - Changi. It is a very nice place - so many shops and restaurant that sometimes I feel like staying in the airport so I can take my time to look at all the nice thing that they are selling. I think there are other people think like me. But the only different is that they actually overnight whole night in the airport.

Either that, or they already die in the airport and I am taking a CSI photo of the crime scene. In case you are thinking maybe it is early in the morning and they are sleepy, I can tell you the time of the photo is 9.23 a.m. Maybe what they need is this:

Actually I can see the Changi airport is very good in giving places for overnight people to sleep. But maybe these people not comfortable sleeping in the nice chair, or they use to sleeping on the floor. Lucky I can see that they are quite fat, so it is not uncomfortable for them to sleep on the floor.

It is funny that all people from all over the world pass through Changi airport, but some of them also pass out. If any reader know who they are, and they still alive, can you please tell them their photo is on my flog.

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