Friday, 5 October 2007

Wave your fork and spoon

One thing about me, I am always interest in Politic. Why? Because I think politician are very interesting people - the thing they say and the thing they do sometimes very funny.

Not so long ago, the main Malay politics party in Malaysia (UMNO) have the yearly meeting. The newspaper showing the UMNO Youth chief is waving a traditional sword (keris) and making a speech. Many paper say this is not a good thing because other non Malay people in Malaysia can feel threaten.

Actually whatever people say, I am not concern about this waving of keris. Why? Because I think that is only for show. And why Malaysians feel threaten? I am thinking that Malaysian people are very daring and brave because many times I see Malaysian doing things which are more danger themself than looking at someone wave a keris in the air.

One good example is when Malaysian eating with fork and knife. I have see so many time people use the knife to put food into the mouth. Some times they even do that with steak knife. Even if the parents never teach them the proper way to eat with fork and knife and never tell them not to do that, I think so common sense will tell them that it is dangerous to put a knife in the mouth, in case cut the lips or cut the tongue or make like a kavadi through the cheek. With this kind of daring behaviour, you can see what I mean about not be scared about the keris.

So I think so that it is lucky that no need to use a knife to eat most of our lovely Malaysian food. Most dishes need only chopstick or fork and spoon. Like eating chicken rice.

Chicken rice is a famous dish in Malaysia. The rice is cooked specially wiht chicken stock and some ginger and small onion. Chicken fat is also used to make it more fagrant. Then the chicken is either steam (actually it is simmer) or roast (sometimes fry).

Sometimes the chicken rice stall also serve chicken liver and gizzard, roast pork, bbq pork, liver sausage, bean sprout. It is also tradition to serve some chicken soup with the rice - usually some vegetable is added like watercress. The traditional sauces to eat with the rice is fresh chilli sauce, ginger sauce and soya sauce.

Here you can see the chicken rice with roast chicken and bbq pork. The soup is watercress and the sauce is ginger.
It is very delicious and I enjoy eating very much. I never care about waving knife or sword, I just wave my fork and spoon.


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