Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Look East Again

I say before on this flog that I love Japanese food because of Dr Mahathir, our former prime minister. Now I think I love Japanese bread also because of Dr Mahathir.

Dr Mahathir when he first become Prime Minister introduce to Malaysia a new policy call "Look East". Thats mean that we Malaysia (truly Asia) should look at other Asian country as example of success, and not only to the Western country. Example, Japan - which at that time in the 1980-something is a successful economy, not like today. So all of us look east, and now is already a habit to look east.

But one thing about Dr Mahathir, when he say something he really mean it. Until today he still look east. Why I say this is because recently Dr Mahathir do a bakery business. The bakery is selling item baked in Japanese style. His business partner is Japanese name Jiro Suzuki. I think this is the same Jiro as the one last time is running a debt venture fund in Malaysia. He move from one dough to another.

Anyway, Dr Mahathir first open his bakery call "The Loaf" in Langkawi. You may not realise that Langkawi today is successful because Dr Mahathir give a lot of encouragement. Like the LIMA air show and the tax free of Langkawi must say thank you to Dr Mahathir.

Now The Loaf is open in KL at the new shopping centre call "Pavilion". It is a very big and luxury shopping centre and I go there during our recent hari raya holiday. I straight go to Dr Mahathir bakery because I read many thing on his daughter's blog about it.

It is a lovely location facing the main road. And you can sit on the sidewalk to enjoy the food and drinks. The decoration inside is also very nice.

As you can see the bakery is pack with people of all kinds - old, young, local, foreign. And all are mentioning Dr Mahathir name. So maybe he is like a magnet. And people are buying the breads like nobody's business. Even though the price is quite expensive, everyone is taking the bread like it is free. I think so sure this bakery is making many profits. You can see here that the bread looks very lovely but it is cost RM20 a loaf! (To compare one normal wholemeal bread loaf is RM2.50). I am not sure why if this is Japanese bakery why the name of the bread in French - it mean "country cheese", but the ingredient are not country-style or cheese. If I open a bakery next time also I will give all foreign name to the bread so that it sound more high class and I can charge more money for it.

And to make sure it is high class, the Loaf also give a very nice tray and bag for you to take away your bakery goods.

Since so many people rushing for the bread, I just grab whatever I can - so I buy 2 croissants and 1 gorgonzola + rosemary bun. The croissant is RM4.60 each, and it is only normal size. I think it is expensive. But when I taste it, I am fall in love with it - you can really taste the butter in the croissant. Very lovely and flaky. But the gorgonzola cheese bun (RM3) is disappoint - it is dry like it bake for too long in the oven.

Here is a photo of the baker. He is making the bread at the Loaf bakery itself.

I feel like telling the baker that the bread is bake too long, but since this is only the first few weeks it is open, I think we can give chance to the baker.


Jake said...

Fromage Compange. Strange name for a loaf with mango (and no cheese). It looks tasty though, as do the croissants (hard to find a great croissant in KL).

Lovely Malaysia Food said...

Hello jake. Thank you for your comment. I think because the bakery is baking japanese breads they also use japanese style name for the breads. If you have see before Japanese names for stationery, then you know what I mean. Most of the time it has nothing connected to the item itself. But you should try the croissant here - very delicious.