Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Italy come to Malaysia

I want to continue more about the story of I visit Pavilion shopping centre. As you can read below I specially go there to see Dr Mahathir bakery. But near to the bakery is a very lovely cafe. I think this is my new favourite cafe.

Some reader of this flog may not know that I love drinking coffee. My favourite coffee is latte. Last time, before Kuala Lumpur is become a sophisticated city, all the coffee I can find here is only the nescafe or the local coffee serve in the coffee shop or the filter coffee. But one day, it is all change by the sneaky tactic of the cigarette company ...

You see in Malaysia they start to ban cigarette advertising. Of course for a long time they already ban advertisement with people smoking, but the cigarette company is very smart. They advertise other thing with their brand name so that it is not a cigarette advertisement but is still their brand. Example is the "Salem High Country" (which got all sorts of mountain scenery as if smoking make the air pure). Or "Mild Seven Adventure" (which is a travel scene on the sea which as if smoking is a very fun thing). Or "Benson and Hedges Gold Centre" (which is a creepy advertisement with a figure look like the devil blowing a pipe). So when they stop all that on tv, the Benson and Hedges is still very smart - they open up a cafe.

So the Benson and Hedges cafe is open in town, and one of the thing they introduce to us is the Italian style coffee. I think it is to show that smoking is like La Dolce Vita. So that is the first time I am drinking the so called "latte", "cappucino", "espresso" and etc. Of course it is a very big adventure to me - when they give me the menu I don't know what all the coffees is, so I have to learn by trial and error. I find out that the one which is very worth it is the latte (very big glass), and the one which is not worth it is the espresso (very small cup).

This new cafe at the Pavilion which I think is first in Malaysia is call "Espressamente illy". You may have see before the illy coffee in the supermarket, but illy not only make coffee powder. It also open cafe selling their own coffee. So I read on the illy website that it have more than 120 cafe, which 70 is oversea and 50 is in Italy. This is probably a franchise because the bill at the back say "La Bodega" so I think it is open by the people who open La Bodega.

The place is very beautiful decor and classy looking. But it is a bit disorganise, maybe because it just open and it is very crowded. But it is quite OK to stand at the counter to self-service because the gwailoh making the coffee is very good looking. So I don't mind waiting for my coffee.

I order a cafe latte which is serve in a glass - look a bit like martini glass (you can see the first picture above). The coffee is a bit expensive, but it is very good quality coffee. I recommend everyone to go there and try it.

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