Wednesday, 21 November 2007


I have not post for a long time because I am very busy at work. At the end of the year, we always have budget issue, so everyone is very busy trying to do that.

I choose the title "Fresh" for today post because I am going to see Kool and the Gang concert next week! Wah ... I hear their songs for so long already, and now I will get to see them live. But I am not sure if they can still sing since it is so long since they have a hit song. But I still remember their song "Fresh", which is one of my favourite. The Kool and the Gang is sharing the concert with James Ingram, so I think so the concert will be very interesting even though both of them are probably very old by now.
But that is the thing about Malaysian people, we always like to make excuse for the things and people we like. I can say so that we are very generous people in our ways. You maybe thinking that that I am starting to talk cock especially when you see the photo of this post. But I am coming to the point.
The point is that, even though I like to eat fresh food, sometimes I am making excuse for the foods which is full of preservative. Because I like the taste very much! So once in a while I will eat the most unhealthy foods. But I tell myself, at least it is freshly cook.
Here you can see some photo from my lunches. I love the Chinese sausage or lap cheong. There are generally 2 type of lap cheong - the liver type and the pork type. Both also I love to eat. The darker one is the liver sausage (see photo below), and the lighter colour is the pork sausage (top photo). Both are full of salts, and sugar and preservatives and fats, but I really love the taste.
I also love the preserve vegetable. At home I never cook it, so when I go and eat economy rice, I am very happy if I see the preserve vege. I will surely scoop some onto my plate. This variety is the pickle mustard green, or "kiam chye". It is quite salty if it is not soak for a long time. Usually it is cook with a bit of pork and chilli and sugar which is very delicious. One time I eat it cook with ray fish, also very delicious. This is also full of salt and preservative.
Lastly, I also like chye poh, or pickle radish. There are usually 2 types - sweet and salty, and this is the salty type shown here. Sometimes it is fry wiht pork, sometimes it is stir fry with long bean, tofu, peanut and chilli, and sometime is fry with egg to make omelette. All also are my favourite.
So today I tell you about my secret addiction to preservative and unhealthy foods. I will think about that when I hear the song "Fresh" next week.


sweetrosie said...

I love your blog and so I have tagged you for meme. I would love to know more about you.

Lovely Malaysia Food said...

Hello Rosie, thank you very much for the honour. I would like very much to get to know you better too.